COVID-19 Summer 2021 Procedures

May 12, 2021

Please note: All procedures may be altered or amended based on any updates and/or regulations from the CDC and the American Camping Association.

Out of an abundance of caution, Tekoa will be taking several steps this summer to make every effort to offer a safe and sanitary experience. To that end, we have several expectations for staff and campers during our summer season.

Parents and guardians, please remember that your choices have an impact on your child’s experience and on the experience of other campers. We invite you to participate in our efforts to mitigate the risk of Covid-19 spread.

Before Camp

We ask that all campers…

  • Have no symptoms within 10 days of arrival (including high temperatures).
  • Do not travel outside the US within 14 days of arrival
  • Staff: We are exploring the possibility of staff vaccinations prior to camp

Check-In / Check-Out

This year check-in will look a little different. We will conduct a drive-thru check-in & check-out. No adults or non-registered campers will be entering our Dining Hall or cabin spaces. During check-in the following procedures will be followed:

  • Drive-Thru check-in
  • Temperature check of campers
  • Health screening of campers
  • Only campers migrate onto the site
  • Staggered arrival times by age groups
  • Our staff will help move campers into their living spaces and carry luggage

During Camp

Camp will still be camp! We will be playing together, worshipping , having campfires, campouts, ziplining and swamp canoes! However, we will have added layers of sanitation and procedures this summer that will feel a bit different.

During camp, the following procedures will be followed:

  • Campers will be living on bottom bunks only
  • Overnight capacity has been reduced
  • We will strongly lean in to our Family Group model and not mix groups
  • Meal shifts will be spread out, campers eating with Family Groups
  • Outdoor seating for meals will be created
  • Large group gatherings will be scaled back and distanced
  • Campers and staff will have regular temperature checks and health screenings
  • Camp will be sanitized daily and repeatedly by our support staff
  • Additional hand sanitizing stations, outdoor sinks and bathrooms are being added to expand access
  • Additional outdoor shelters throughout camp to create outdoor eating locations and rainy-day options
  • Visitors will be extremely limited
  • Per usual, we will have nurses on site 24/7 during your camper’s stay
  • Mask Use:
    • All Campers:  When outdoors in family groups, campers may choose to be without masks. However, campers and staff must wear cloth masks many times throughout the day.  These include activities that involve anyone outside of their Family Group, anytime they are entering the Dining Hall, at Talent Show, Campfires and transition times where other groups might be present.  Campers that would like to mask throughout the day are welcome to do so with the opportunity for masking breaks when needed.

Post Camp

  • Parents should inform us of any Covid-19 symptoms or positive tests after departure

Thank you for taking part in making this summer possible for all of our wonderful campers! We look forward to seeing your chilldren at the lake soon.

John Isley, Executive Director