Summer camp staff in NC mountains

Many parents like to know more information about the summer staff that will be working with their children in the summer. Tekoa has a hiring process that looks at a number of personal qualities that each applicant must possess and requires them to complete an extensive application process.

The application process requires
applicants to:

  • Complete a 6 page application
  • Submit 3 letters of personal reference
  • Complete a personal interview
  • Pass a national history background check

The personal qualities and criteria applicants must possess are:

  • Must be a Christian, college age student excited about Tekoa's mission of "Touching hearts, changing lives, sharing the light of Christ."
  • Must show evidence that they enjoy interacting with children
  • Must show excitement for working in the outdoors
  • Must show signs of being a good listener
  • Must be able to think quickly and react positively to pressure situations
  • Must show evidence of working well with others
  • Must be ready to laugh, cry and smile along side their campers

After an applicant is selected for hire, staff are required to attend a 2 week staff training course prior to the summer camp season. Staff are trained and educated in the skills needed to facilitate camp activities and programs. More specifically, staff receive training in camper interaction, including age and faith development, group games, CPR and First Aid, and much, much more.