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Five Reasons You Should Sign Up for Family Camp

Five Reasons You Should Sign Up for Family Camp

Tuesday, 05 April 2022 20:21

Parents are on a never-ending quest to make sure they are providing opportunities for family bonding. You want to spend quality time together, but that means striking the right balance between downtime and activities. If you plan too much downtime, the kids might start fighting. If you plan too many activities, you don’t get enough time to talk and get closer. 


Family camp provides the right balance between unstructured fun and adventure activities. In this article, we’re covering five reasons you should sign up for family camp at Camp Tekoa. 

Five Reasons Your Family Should Attend Family Camp

1) Days Without Screen Time

Family camp is a time to leave the phones, tablets, laptops, and video games at home. It is a chance to experience nature, engage in adventure, and live life outside of the small, rectangular boxes that capture our attention. 

It’s not just about regulating screen time for kids but for adults as well. Family camp provides the type of adventure where you have no choice but to be fully present. You will be having so much fun together as a family you will forget all about your phone. 

2) Experience the Highlights of Camp

If you have ever dropped your kids off at camp and wished you could stick around and experience everything, family camp is your chance. You will eat together, stay in a cabin together, and experience activities together. You get all the highlights of camp like a camper would have, including:

  • The Lake: Your family will get to spend time swimming in our beautiful lake.
  • Boating: In addition to swimming, your family will get to experience paddle boating and canoeing in the lake. 
  • Hiking: On-site, there is plenty of hiking. Hike our outer camping loop, meander around the lake, take on the Eagle path's challenge, or take a quiet stroll through our meditation route.
  • Big Zip!: The Big Zip starts atop a 45-foot tower tucked in our meadow. The surrounding mountains can be seen from the top. Participants then zip up the mountain to a 400-foot gravity halt. It's a thrill your family will remember.
  • Tree Climb: You and your little ones can earn a beautiful view of the mountains by participating in the tree climb, a trek to the top of our 35-foot Tulip Poplar. 
  • Disc Golf: We have a professional 9-Hole Disc Golf course spanning over five acres. Holes range in difficulty but are tightly wooded and challenging. All holes are short enough for the beginner but challenging enough for the advanced player.
  • Lake Zipline: One of our most popular activities is the Lake Zipline. Participants will begin on the wooded coastline and then zip out over our three-acre lake.

There is much more adventure to be had during family camp than what is included in this list. 

3) Help Young Children Prepare for Camp

Family Camp at Tekoa is one of the best ways to help young people get a taste of camp life. While they may not quite be ready for a week away from their family, your child will get to see just how much fun camp can be. For first-time campers, starting the summer with family camp is a great idea. It can go a long way toward helping prevent homesickness and ensuring they have a great time at camp. 

Be prepared, however, because if you don’t already have your children registered for camp, you can be sure you will start to face questions during your family camp week. 

4) Focus on God

One of the most important aspects of family camp is the opportunity to focus on God. Camp Tekoa is committed to the spiritual formation of campers and everyone who passes through our facilities. 

As your family bonds together during meal times and by experiencing activities. The week is planned such that you will have plenty of opportunities to pray, study scripture, and talk about God together. 

5) Conversations and Quality Time

While you will have a schedule for activities during family camp, it is impossible to put those special, vital conversations on the itinerary. It might happen around the campfire, on a hike in the afternoon, or at breakfast in the morning, but the chances of having those special, deep family conversations are plentiful at family camp. 

Many families have experienced the way in which important conversations seem to just flow out of the experience of getting out in nature and doing something like family camp together. Parents can be encouraged to know their children will likely remember the talks you have as much as the adventures in which you partake at family camp. 

Family Camp at Camp Tekoa

Family camp at Tekoa will be an experience your family will treasure for many years to come. If you want to get a taste of what makes our camp special while engaging in a grand adventure with those you love the most, make sure you sign up for family camp at Camp Tekoa as soon as possible.