2021 Season Applications:

CIT (Counselor in Training) Application (Current Juniors in High School) (We are no longer accepting Female applications)

SA (Staff Assistant) Application (Current Seniors in High School)  

New Senior Staff Application (18+ years old, first year on senior staff) 

Return Staff Application (18+ years old, returning senior staff) 

Support Staff Application (Includes Coordinators, Resource Staff and Full-time Support Staff roles)  Read Job Descriptions 

Reference Forms:

References: Please make sure you fill out the appropriate form.  CIT references are different from the other reference form below.

CIT Reference Form

SA / Senior Staff Reference Form


Volunteer Application

Volunteer Reference Form

All reference letters and applications are submitted online. Interviews are conducted following the receipt of your application and references.

Feel free to call the office if you have any questions at all. Thank you!