1. All forms of TOBACCO, ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES, ILLEGAL DRUGS, FIREARMS and FIREWORKS are PROHIBITED on site. We reserve the right to dismiss campers for violations. In addition electronic devices of any type (radios, CD players, cell phones, MP3 players, hand held video games, etc.) are not allowed and will be confiscated if brought to camp.

  2. Should there be reasonable or probable cause, for the health and safety of all campers and staff, your camper may be asked to inventory his/her belongings in the presence of administrative staff.

  3. Visitors are permitted in camp ONLY WITH THE APPROVAL OF THE DIRECTOR. For the security of your child and others, we request advance notice for visits. All visitors are REQUIRED to check in/out at the camp office and must wear a visitor’s pass while on site. Costs for guest meal: $7.00 for breakfast, $8.00 for lunch, and $9.00 for dinner. Please give a 48 hour notice for meals and pay the Business Manager upon arrival.

  4. Telephone policy : Campers may not use the telephone except to return emergency calls from their immediate family. Phone calls to campers are strongly discouraged; however parents may speak with administrative staff, if necessary. *No cellular phones are allowed at camp.

  5. Regarding friendships: Camp Tekoa emphasizes friendships at camp rather than “relationships” and we do not allow PDA (public/private displays of affection) that go beyond friendship. Campers will be dismissed for inappropriate sexual behavior.

  6. Dress Code: Nothing with slogans promoting alcohol, sex, tobacco, drugs, profanity, or death themes. One-piece swimsuits for girls (tankinis are two-pieces and not allowed); swim trunks instead of briefs for boys. You may wear a t-shirt over your swimsuit while swimming, if you wish. We have a dress code of modesty. Girls should not wear sports bras alone, tops too short to tuck in, short-shorts, or tight clothes. Tank tops are ok, but should not be underwear-style, or show belly or bra. Guys do not go shirtless except at appropriate sports, nor should their underwear ever show. No underwear-style tank tops. Shoes, shirts & pants are to be worn in the dining hall, as required by the Health Department. Sandals are permitted. Closed-toed shoes are needed for some activities.

  7. Graffiti: We reserve the right to charge a fine or request actual clean-up for violation.

  8. Discharging fire extinguishers unnecessarily is very dangerous. A fine is charged for this act.

  9. NO PETS are allowed with campers during their stay at camp, except those assisting persons with special needs. Pets brought on site during registration and pick-up must be contained and on a leash.

  10. Camper laundry service is not available.

  11. Gravel and large rocks are placed for erosion control. Please refrain from throwing rocks, large or small.

  12. Camp Tekoa cannot assume responsibility for lost, broken or stolen items. Please mark all items clearly with your name. If requested, found items may be returned by USPS, COD PLUS A $5.00 HANDLING FEE. Do not bring expensive jewelry, extra cash, etc. to camp; staff is prohibited from “holding” items during activities.