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The Power of Campfire Time

The Power of Campfire Time

Monday, 05 December 2022 12:07

When summer campers spend a week at Camp Tekoa, they will put away smartphones, tablets, and other technology and can focus on building relationships with their peers and counselors, trying new activities, growing in Christ, and spending time in God’s creation. 

Children and teens are being inundated with technology at every turn. They use it for school, seek entertainment from television shows or games when they are bored, and scroll through their TikTok, or Instagram feeds whenever there is a moment of downtime.

As technology usage and screen time increase for most young people, so does the knowledge and research regarding the negative repercussions of these trends. Experts continue to see how vitally important it is to unplug from our devices in favor of being outdoors and connecting face-to-face with others.

Though campers will spend most of their waking hours spread out among various activities, the evening programs bring everyone together. Campers and counselors will gather around the campfire circle, participate in cabin group devotions, and enjoy all-camp activities, such as our weekly talent show.


How Does Campfire Time Change Lives?

The campfire circle is a large part of the rich history of Camp Tekoa. It serves as a gathering place for campers multiple times throughout each week, including during opening and closing campfire ceremonies. During these gatherings, campers will sing camp songs, roast s’mores, and be invited to worship. 

There are several reasons time spent around the campfire is so meaningful, and why it is a tradition at Camp Tekoa and many other camps. 

1. Campfire Allows Participants to Let Loose

Typically, campfires begin with silly skits or songs, inviting everyone to stop worrying about what others think for a few minutes and join in on the fun. Camp leaders and counselors set the tone by being high energy, singing at the top of their lungs, and encouraging campers who may be shy or unsure of themselves.

Songs such as “Princess Pat,” “Boom Chicka Boom,” and “Pizza Man,” involve hand motions and “repeat after me” lyrics, making it easy for everyone to participate. By beginning a camp session with an opening campfire, campers who are reserved or nervous about being away from home are welcomed with the reassurance that the week ahead will be fun and full of memories. 

2. Campfires Bring Everyone Together

In larger camp settings, campfires are a time when all the campers can gather and enjoy community with one another. At Camp Tekoa, we serve male and female campers from ages seven to seventeen. While older campers can help lead songs and skits, younger campers can observe positive role models in this unique setting.

3. A Campfire Is a Perfect Place for Reflection and Sharing Memories 

At Camp Tekoa, not only does each camp session begin with an opening campfire, but sessions also end with a closing campfire. Concluding the camp experience in this way provides an opportunity for campers to dwell on and share their favorite moments from their time at camp. 

Closing campfires can be emotional, as campers may use this time to say goodbye to the friends they have made and to the counselors who have served as mentors. Since closing campfires signal the end of the camp session, campers must also prepare to leave the camp bubble and return to their everyday lives.

4. Campers Experience God Around the Campfire

Worshiping around the campfire circle is a one-of-a-kind experience because of its simplicity and the lack of distractions. The sounds of an acoustic guitar, other voices joining in worship, and the surrounding nature can lead campers to meet with God and listen for his voice. 

Another aspect of campfire time at Camp Tekoa is having someone share a message from God’s Word. As the fire dies down and this special time draws to a close, campers are invited to respond. Some will linger for prayer, to seek advice or have questions answered by a trusted counselor, or to bask in the peaceful environment for a few more moments.

Register Your Camper for a Life-Changing Experience at Camp Tekoa 

Camp Tekoa exists to live out its mission of “Touching hearts. Changing lives. Sharing the light of Christ.” Campfire time is one of the intentional ways we carry out this mission, and we want all camp programming to be equally as purposeful and impactful.

Contact us with any questions or for more information. We look forward to seeing your camper at Camp Tekoa this summer!