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Afterschool and Homeschool Programs at Camp Tekoa

Afterschool and Homeschool Programs at Camp Tekoa

Monday, 03 October 2022 15:24

Parents will do anything to make sure their kids have every opportunity to grow and learn. So much of our lives are centered on educating our children. We want to make sure they’re getting the most out of every moment of their education. 

School-age children and youth spend 80 percent of their waking hours outside of school, while 1 in 5 young people in the U.S. are alone after the school day ends.”

When the school day ends, after school and homeschool programs can help supplement your child’s school experience in a way they’ll really enjoy. In this article, we’re discussing the benefits of afterschool programs at camps like Tekoa. 


The Benefits of Afterschool and Homeschool Programs

“Attending high-quality afterschool programs and regular participation can lead to improved social and emotional competencies, including prosocial behavior, intrinsic motivation, better concentration efforts, and a higher sense of self-worth.” -

The benefits of afterschool and homeschool programs cannot be overstated. They give students an opportunity to continue learning and building relationships in a fun environment. Our programs help keep camp going all year. 

How Camp Tekoa’s Afterschool Program Works 

Camp Tekoa provides after school and break camp programming for Henderson County families. Our buses pick up from local schools each day, including early release days. This is a way we keep the fun of summer camp going all year long for our neighbors. Swimming, ziplining, making crafts, constructing forts, and playing outside, in general, are all possible activities. 

The schools we are fortunate to serve include:

  • Hendersonville Elementary
  • Bruce Drysdale School
  • Atkinson Elementary
  • The Mountain Community School

The cost for our program is just $12/per day per child. The registration fee is $30. We have a one-to-ten staff-to-camper ratio. CPR and first aid are also taught to all employees. On swim days, lifeguards are present. It is possible that your child might end up on our waitlist, but we are in the process of adding space to accommodate the interest in our program

How Camp Tekoa’s Homeschool Program Works

Have you ever imagined that the Tekoa experience could continue after the summer? Have you ever wanted your child to learn at their "home away from home" as a homeschooling parent? 

Maybe you've never gone to Camp Tekoa, but you still want to provide your kids STEM, arts, and crafts as part of their homeschooling? You can have all that with Camp Tekoa’s Homeschool Program.

Open to elementary-aged students in Henderson, Buncombe, Transylvania, and Polk counties, Tekoa Homeschool offers bi-monthly morning programs incorporating outdoor education activities (compass and map reading, flora and fauna identification, conservation), STEM (gardening, cooking, hands-on experiments), crafts, and camp fun (swimming, zipline, climbing) as a supplement to individual families’ education plans.

How Afterschool and Homeschool Programs Help Students

After school and homeschool programs help reinforce the lessons and subjects students are learning in school in a manner that is typically much more entertaining than in the classroom setting. Elementary-aged kids get to see STEM problem-solving in action as they explore our beautiful area. Benefits include:

  • Making new friends and strengthening existing friendships
  • Interacting with people from diverse backgrounds and ages
  • Experiencing God’s creation 
  • Learning about the earth in a way they might not get to otherwise
  • Reinforcing the camp experience
  • Mastering a variety of skills
  • So much more

Students who participate in afterschool programs often demonstrate:

  • Improved academic performance
  • Improved social skills and emotional health
  • A broader friend group 
  • Better physical health and nutrition 

Additionally, after school and homeschool programs provide a solution for parents who need extra care during the day. For homeschool families, it is an opportunity for students to interact with others in a supportive environment. 

How Can Kids Get Involved in Camp Tekoa’s Afterschool and Homeschool Programs

Homeschool Programs: You can join for just one day, one month, or the entire season at a discounted rate of $25/day. Space fills up quickly, so you want to make sure you register early ahead of the upcoming semester

Afterschool Programs: To sign up for one of our afterschool programs, click here. You will need your child’s health history information, including immunization records, to complete the form. Payments are due the following Friday. You can also set up automatic billing with a credit card.

If you would like more information about Camp Tekoa, afterschool and homeschool programs, or summer camp, please reach out to our team today!